National Level Efforts at Social Threefolding


What Would it Take to Change a Nation State? Nicanor Perlas

In the wake of mixed success of massive global demonstrations around the issue of globalization, activist groups around the world are now discussing and asking. We have achieved global resistance but the results of the Doha Ministerial of the WTO shows that our efforts are not enough. We have convened the World Social Forum to showcase our alternatives but the ravages of elite or corporate globalization continue to spread around the world. What can we now do to shift the discourse and direction of globalization towards “another world” which we want to create? 20 July 2002


Social Conception of Activists for Israeli Civil Society and Creation of Citizens' Council. Dr. Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

ICS’s general social conception: Among the diverse social conceptions, that assign meaning to "civil society", there are different, and often differing, conceptions. Our approach is founded on the concept of a three-folding, tri-sector, division and integration of labor in the social organism. The threefold social formation is the social ground, on which we work, in the three social sectors, as indicated below.

It is difficult to be a modern revolutionary; especially in Israel, with the current reality. Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon, who has been touring Israel for the last year and a half, lecturing about a new idea for a social revolution, comes up daily against this general atmosphere, where no utopian idea can manage to stand up to a bus blowing up in the air. 28 June 2002


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