3-Partners - Denmark. GN3 Nodal Profile

Name of Node:  3-Partners

The aim of The Danish node of GlobeNet3 is to renew the society through threefolding networks.

Number of members: 3

From the establishing of the node in April 2002 the members have been working separately in questions and sectors. Though 3-Partners from the beginning only had 3 members we have succeeded in finding an uncountable number of friends.

Geographic information Denmark

3-Partners members are nationally founded in Jylland (Aarhus) and Copenhagen. Besides we have a close cooperation with the nodes in Norway and especially in Sweden.

Brief Description of Node

From different parts and sectors of the society the three individuals decided to establish 3-Partners. As individual members 3-Partners try to find ways to enhance and accelerate the mainstreaming of the social threefolding approach for comprehensive sustainable development. The entry points differs in the combination of economic, political or social-cultural elements.

Visions of 3-Partners

3-Partners has the vision to contribute establishing threefolding for comprehensive sustainable development in Denmark.


The mission of the 3-Partners is:

  • To link with other individuals or different kind of groups and organisations who also work in a perspective of social threefolding and comprehensive sustainable development

  • To contribute with insight, enthusiasm and skills when possible to advance the understanding of and the implementation of social threefolding for comprehensive sustainable development

Goals of 3-Partners

It is the goal of 3-Partners to follow-up the vision and missions with the following goals:

  • Through conferences, seminars, articles etc. to advance the understanding of social threefolding for sustainable development

  • Organize varied educational events

  • Identify best practices of business, government and/or civil society in social threefolding for comprehensive sustainable development

  • Expand, organically, the membership base for 3-Partners

  • Intensify the cooperation within the GlobeNet3, especially with the colleagues in the Nordic countries

Organization Structure and Impact

3-Partners works as a loose network of advocates of social threefolding and as such it is not at the agenda to incorporate 3-Partners in any kind of organisations.

Mode of Operation and Expertise

3-Partners are engaged through its members in the following entry points:

  • Training of teachers and other threefolding oriented persons in culture, education and public policy.

  • Sustainable Integrated Area Development.

  • Global advocacy and training in social threefolding and comprehensive sustainable development.

Date established

3 Partners was established on the 4th of April 2002 in Copenhagen.

Secretariat and information

Contact person and information of 3-Partners: Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen, njohan@juhl-nielsen.dk


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