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Press Release: Countering Corruption and in Memory of Assassination of Ninoy Aquino (French) August 30, 2005
Poverty-Complex, Strategic Microfinance, and Social Threefolding. N. Perlas. 02 April 2005
Globally Awarded Filipinos Come Together to Highlight Existence of Much Better Philippines. Karangalan Festival. (Jan 21-23, 2005)
Farming After Cancun: Agriculture in the WTO and Beyond. Strawe, C. and N. Perlas. May 2004.
Acceptance Speech of GN3 Co-Founder - 2003 Right Livelihood Awardee. Dec. 2003.
Importance of Social Threefolding in the Age of the Empire Matrix. Dec. 2003
Cancun and Its Implications. Q&A with Nicanor Perlas. Nov, 2003
Essay. The BU.S.H Doctrine--The U.S. as Empire. Aug 2003
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Book. Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding by Nicanor Perlas.
National-Level Efforts at social threefolding.

World Peace Forum 2006. June 23-28, 2006. Vancouver, BC Canada. Click Here for Link to event.

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It Will Take Ethical Leadership. Inter Press Service. 28 Apr. 2006
Civil society transcends right-left gap. Christian Science Monitor, 15 Sept 2005.
Internet Governance: Four Ideas, No Consensus. OutLaw News. 20 July 2005
Former President Clinton Launches Initiative to Tackle Global Problems. Foundation Center. 10 May 2005
Network to be Launched to Promote NGO-Private Sector Partnerships. Harold Doan and Associates, CA. 17 Feb 2005
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The planet is fraught with challenges as it enters the 21st century. Dozens of aspects about the world situation are urgent and need attention. Foremost among these are the challenges of elite economic globalization, the decline of nation states, and the “clash of civilizations” as dramatized by the September 11, 2001 event. And all these are occurring amidst the resurgence of US global social dominance. These four driving forces deeply influence other aspects of the world situation including massive ecological destruction and the social and spiritual impoverishment of billions of human beings. These economic, political, and cultural, social, ecological, human and spiritual aspects of the world situation have led and are leading to world disorder and chaos. Billions of lives are affected and the future of the earth hangs in delicate balance.

Concerned individuals from various countries around the world have come together to make a constructive contribution in addressing these global issues from the perspective of comprehensive sustainable development through social threefolding. This is the Global Network for Social Threefolding (GlobeNet3 or GN3). >>more



GN3 is a loose, horizontal but interacting global network activated by geographic and functional “nodes” in strategic areas of the world. "GN3 currently has 17 geographic and functional nodes, located in four continents, around the world. The geographic nodes are based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, US East Coast, US West Coast, plus an additional Youth Node in the Netherlands. more

NOVALIS - South Africa

The Novalis node of GN3 was established in July 2002 and currently has five members and is based primarily in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Novalis seeks to promote threefolding and the general development of civil society in South Africa.

Currently, Novalis works to arrange conferences, workshops and study groups and to publish books and other printed educational materials.

In the future, Novalis hopes to develop greater interest among young people for the understanding of Agenda 21 and sustainability.




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