ATOS - GN3 Nodal Profile (Version En Français)

Name of Node: - Atos GN3

The Atos-GN3 node formed in France in September 2002.

Number of members - 10

It is presently composed of 10 members. It is related to an open group of about 30 friends, named "Atos". Members and friends are scattered on the French territory, with more people in Paris area and Alsace. Other more isolated members stay in Brittany, in Languedoc and in Lyon.


In 2003, Atos-GN3 initiated the issue of Nicanor Perlas' main book about social threefolding in French language. On that occasion, it invited Nicanor Perlas in France in October 2003 and organised different events connected with social dynamics (organic agriculture meeting in Brittany, Youth House in Paris suburb, Local Social Forum in Lyon) or with specific themes (associative economy, co-operative finance). Nicanor Perlas could express himself publicly and share viewpoints with French activists in the civil society. Meetings with local, national or culturally specialised newspapers or radios were part of those events.

During those exchanges we could witness that social threefolding expression was meeting real interest and attention, especially among the participants in the present intense debate about the new social movement autonomy. Both a strong resistance to political parties or institutions calls, led by numerous French activists (Confédération Paysanne, Attac, Youth from the immigration.;) and the search for non-violent practices of social transforming presently foster this debate. Social threefolding expression is meeting the new social movement at the very moment the latter wishes to find itself within the not yet well defined civil society realm.

In this context, Atos-GN3 might be more and more in demand within civil society in France.

Recently it has been asked by organic and biodynamic agriculture movements in France to initiate together with GN3 in France and GN3 in other European countries a European congress project in 2005 about "agriculture and proximity".


Atos-GN3 plans to participate in civil society life through events organised together with associations, starting from a pragmatic vision of social threefolding based on the observation of social facts, tending to speak a language fitting our time, able to touch people's heart and arise inner fascination. This popular training initiative has for mission to make both understandable and intimate the change of paradigm in XXI century social thinking, in the relationships between spirituality and religions, in the connection between science and awareness, in the relationships between North and South.

Atos-GN3 members freely take initiatives according to their proximity connections, those being geographical, professional, from citizenship or topical. If necessary, they help and support each others in those initiatives.

Main Activities

They have a web site [] as well as a Newsletter in order to foster mutuality in their practices and become clearly identified in the environment where they work and are in demand.

Atos-GN3 participated in the political and cultural demonstration on the 1st of May 2002 in France, in the Global Social Forum in Porto Alegre in January 2003, in the New York conference in May 2003 on American spirit, values and power, in Larzac meeting in August 2003 and in European Social Forum in Paris in November 2003. Atos-GN3 participates in the yearly meeting of GN3 as a whole

Contact info:

The ATOS-GN3 Node may be contacted through the nodal representative, Christine Ballivet.

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Press Release: August 21, 2005 Event in the Philippines (French)


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